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Learn to develop actionable insights, no matter the industry, category or customers your brand / business is targeting.
  • You should have at least a basic appreciation of marketing, consumer / customer understanding and market research methodologies and processes.
  • A pen and some paper to take notes while you watch, listen and learn. You'll want to take notes of the ideas and suggestions shared throughout the Masterclass.
  • What a customer / consumer / client insight is and why they are so important to brand success.
  • The reasons why you and others have struggled to action the consumer / customer insights you have developed in the past.
  • A simple 7-step process that practically guarantees that you will develop an actionable insight every time you use it for each of your brands.
  • Identify the exact category in which you’re competing from the customers' perspective. You may know your industry but your customers might see it differently.
  • Choosing your ideal target audience, the group that will be the most profitable.
  • How to recognise whether your current target customer group is too narrow or too wide and how to better define it.
  • The incredibly useful tools you need to select the most profitable segment to go after.
  • How to get to know your ideal customers as deeply as possible, and then create a detailed persona / avatar for them.
  • Where and how to get all the data and information you need about the market and your customers, to fill your knowledge gaps.
  • How to identify the most relevant need-state for your brand offer and then pinpoint all the different emotions you want to stimulate.
  • An invaluable way to identify whether or not what you have developed truly is an insight.
  • How to ensure that the insight you develop will resonate with your target audience and engage them so they take the action you desire.
  • How to identify actions from the consumer / customer insights you develop, that will result in the profitable growth of your business.